My name is Amanda. I am a speech-language pathologist specializing in infant feeding and oral myofunctional disorders and the mom of two tongue tied children. When my first child was born, I had no idea what was in store for me. He was a terrible feeder, breast feeding hurt and he CRIED all the time. Although I treated older children with feeding difficulties, I had little experience with a baby like mine. I went to multiple lactation consultants that had no real answers and my pediatrician told me I had nothing the worry about. I was tired, miserable and dreaded feeding my own child. 

Eventually I found a fellow speech-language pathologist who let me know my son had a tongue-tie which was greatly impacting his feeding. He also had food sensitivities that were exacerbating the problem. After this, I was able to get the help that we needed and things improved significantly. 

After years of working with new parents with similar issues to my own, I decided to create Babbles & Bibs. The majority of the infants that get referred to me have had feeding difficulties for months. The parents have attempted to transition to solid foods and their child continues to have feeding difficulties. Babbles & Bibs allows parents to get the information they need as soon as they suspect there is a problem. My online resources and in-person consultations can help parents learn the information that they need to help their own baby on their time, when they feel they need the help.